Excellent snow conditions, a pure winter landscape and the successful Alpine Skiing World Cup event in Sestriere, with the associated international media showcasing, are the ingredients that distinguished the Vialattea skiing area from other winter tourist resorts, which is confirmed by the tens of thousand tourists that literally rushed the skiing area during Christmas holidays.

And what a difference! “Since at least twenty years we did not see such a season start. Up to date we sold about half million skiing days, as daily, multiday and season ski passes” stated satisfied Giovanni Brasso, President of Sestrieres Spa, after the Epiphany. 

Sestriere and the Vialattea skiing area saw a huge turnout during Christmas holidays and many resorts sold out. During the day the restaurants on the slopes were crowded by many skiers, and the coffee shops, pubs, and pizza places in the village worked at full capacity, in overbooking for the entire period. Great results also for the night spots, where fun continued until dawn, as well as for the events organised at Casa Olimpia and the Rifugio La Stampa. 

Good turnout also for Pragelato, home to the Nordic Skiing of Turismovialattea, and featuring 35 km cross-country skiing courses well covered in snow, also thank to the polar temperatures (-16°C on the Epiphany day for the Pradzalunga), that were recorded from the very first days of this new year, 2017. 

Sun and blue skies made even more pleasant the stay of tourists coming from all over the world. The owners of holiday homes, back en masse on the Olympic mountains in the Christmas period, added up to them. 

Now it is time to catch a little breath, just for a few days. The mass return after the holidays brought adults back to work and young people back to school, but everyone still remembering the gorgeous days spent on the courses of the Vialattea. Many promised to come back soon, as early as next week-end, to fit the boots once more and enjoy new thrilling experiences on the courses of the Olympic skiing area. Cesana Torinese, Claviere, Pragelato, Sauze di Cesana, Sauze d’Oulx e Sestriere, i.e. the resorts making up the Consorzio Turistico dell’Unione Montana Comuni Olimpici Via Lattea, are ready to carry on in this great winter season. 

HOTEL+SKI PASS IN JANUARY – After the Epiphany, from January 8th to 29th, 2017, the Consorzio Turistico Via Lattea proposes the formula Hotel/Residence+ Ski pass. That is the best time of the season, when the courses are less crowded and one can take advantage of interesting promotions for 4-to-7-day stays at really discounted price, e.g. 4 nights + 4-day ski pass at 228 Euros per person (accommodation in double room in 2-star hotel, in BB). Info and other offers at:  

OLD NEW YEAR AND SKIING WEEKS  - For Old New Year, i.e. the night between January 13th and 14th, we expect Russian tourists coming from other eastern European countries. The skiing weeks will begin starting from January14th, and dedicated charters carrying private and tour operator groups will be landing in Caselle and other north-west airports. 

CARNEVAL SKIING – There are great expectations for the carnival week as well, as the Regione Piemonte is supporting sport granting a 5-day school break, i.e. from February 25th  to March 1st, that can be devoted to ski, as it happens for many other foreigner students.  

 “NEVE PRIMAVERA” – The last season offer proposed by the Consorzio Turistico Via Lattea is “Neve Primavera” (Spring Snow), to ski almost until Easter, with particularly convenient packages from April 1st to 9th, 2017. Check them out online at:

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