The 36th “Uovo d’Oro Audi” will feature many news. The traditional Easter competition, scheduled March 19th 2017, has been brought forward  not to held it too far ahead in the season. For the first time, this year the event will be open not only to alpine skiing athletes, but also to Nordic skiing ones. The competitions will take place in Sestriere, that will host as usual the giant slalom, as well as in Pragelato, home to Nordic skiing and Olympic resort, that will host the cross-country skiing races on different lengths, based on the racing categories, i.e. from 1 km for the category Super Baby to 7.5 km for the category Allievi.

Also, the event has been acknowledged by the Region Piedmont, that after supporting the Alpine Skiing World Cup races, held in Sestriere last December, will kindly patronize also this event, together with the Municipalities of Sestriere and Pragelato, thus confirming the importance of the snow world and the mountains, and therefore of winter tourism, for our region.

Participants are many as usual, from whole Italy as well as from abroad. About over 1,700 in the previous years, and this year, to optimize the event management, as well as to reduce the waiting time, five tracks will be available (one more compared to last year), thus allowing the athletes in the five categories, i.e. Super Baby, Baby, Cuccioli, Ragazzi and Allievi, born 2001 to 2010, to compete simultaneously on courses suitable for their age.

At the end of the race, each competitor will receive a rucksack  with the event T-Shirt, hat, pen and glasses, as well as Ricola’s candies, Santal fruit juice, Lauretana water , “Baci di dama” biscuits Maison della Nocciola, coupons for the rope bridge in Claviere and the Adventure Village in Sauze d’Oulx, Kelemata bath foam, Inalpi cheese, Carioca markers, Caffe Vergnano coffee pods, Bontà di Stagione soup … and, of course, the Easter traditional chocolate egg, offered by Balocco also this year.

Besides the trophy, the first classified Ski Club will celebrate the victory with the giant chocolate egg, hand decorated by the maîtres chocolatiers Balocco. To assign the title, the scores of the athletes with the best finish will be added together (according to the World Cup table), one female and one male per each Ski Club, with the exception of the category Super Baby. The Ski Club Sansicario that won the trophy in the past two year, is the one to beat.

In the afternoon the cheerful and coloured parade through the streets of the village, that will be attended by all Ski Clubs carrying their own placard. The parade will be led by the open-top City Sightseeing Torino bus, that the winners will have the honour to climb on, and will end in Fraiteve square, where the prizegiving ceremony and the drawing of gorgeous prizes for athletes, coaches and clubs will take place. The priezegiving ceremony for the cross-country skiing will take place straight away at the end of the race in Pragelato, while the trophy awarding to the winner Ski Club and the prize drawing will take place in Sestriere together with alpine skiing ceremony.

And let’s not forget the great prizes awarded on merits to the winners. Besides the traditional cup, also the event-customised Rossignol  wind stopper, that will be awarded to the top 10s in the alpine skiing category and the tops 5 in the cross-country skiing one. But even more difficult it will be to win the customised Bollé helmet, that will go to the winner in each alpine skiing category and the Bollé glasses that will go to the winners in each cross-country skiing category. The coveted AUDI trophy will be awarded to the winner that opened up the best lead on the second placed.

Many the prizes to be drawn as well: a gorgeous journey, a scooter and then tablets, smartphones, TVs, skateboards, GoPro, skis, boots, sunglasses, sportswear, snow weeks and many other great prizes.

You can find more news at the page: UOVO D'ORO

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