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DAILY VIALATTEA INTERNAZIONALE 53.5€ 53.5€ Go to the e-shop >

nati dal 2015 e seguenti

16€ 16€ Go to the e-shop >
Multi-day Adults (consecutive days)      
6 DAYS 277€ 277€ Go to the e-shop >
Multi-day Baby* (consecutive days)      
6 DAYS 96€ 96€ Go to the e-shop >

*All BABY ski passes (for children born in 2015 and after) also include the “Vialattea Sci Noproblem” policy. For BABY ski passes, an ID must be shown to prove that the child is eligible, and a responsible adult must sign in order to guarantee that the child will be accompanied during skiing activities. SELF-CERTIFICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
**An ID is required for UNDER 15 and OVER 65 participants and for GOLD card holders, proving that the holder is eligible in terms of age. SELF-CERTIFICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
During the validity period:
1- the Vialattea and Montiluna ski passes for 6 to 15 days have two Montgenèvre extensions included in the chip.
2- the Montiluna/Montgenèvre ski passes for 6 to 15 days have two Vialattea extensions included in the chip.
3- the Montiluna ski passes for 6 to 15 days have a Vialattea extension with a separate coupon.
The prices of all ski passes may be adjusted in the event of any increases in the VAT rate or further major increases in electricity.
“Ski lift facilities may be affected by bans, limitations and restrictions on the mobility of individuals imposed by Governmental Authorities for health reasons or for reasons related to international geopolitics or energy saving, or for any other reasons that may prove to be necessary or appropriate.
People who use ski lift facilities and ski slopes in the French area of Montgenèvre, as well as people who need to return to Italy afterwards, must comply with all the legislation of both countries (Italy and France), with particular reference to rules and regulations aimed at containing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Therefore, Sestrieres S.p.A. a s.u. does not guarantee that the ski lift facilities included in the purchased ski passes can be used either partially or fully in circumstances that are not compatible with the aforementioned legislation.”
All holders must write their name and surname on the ski pass, otherwise inspectors will be entitled to take it away.
Please note: the law requires people using the ski pistes to have an insurance policy to cover them against third-party liability for any damage or accidents that they might cause to third parties, including the ski resort.
Ski rescue services will be charged for.
Mandatory insurance for third-party liability against damage or accident that skiers may cause to others (including the ski resort itself) may be purchased from any insurance firm.
The “Vialattea Sci Noproblem” policy is offered by Sestrieres S.p.A. at the price of € 3.50 per day for ski passes of 1 to 4 days, € 15.00 for ski passes of 5 to 8 days and € 20.00 for ski passes of 9 to 15 days.
The “Vialattea Sci Noproblem” policy offered by Sestrieres S.p.A. a s.u. is available for purchase and includes two different kinds of insurance coverage which are inextricably linked:
– mandatory coverage for third-party liability against damage or accident that the skier may cause to third parties, including the ski resort itself;
– non-mandatory coverage for health expenses and refunds for skiing equipment and the ski pass in the event of injury, for assistance and for the journey back home.