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30 March 2024

Record numbers for the 41st Uovo d’Oro Lauretana! On Saturday 30 March, a huge number of people turned up on the slopes of the Vialattea to compete for the trophy, and for the first time the threshold of 2,000 participants was exceeded. To celebrate the 2024 edition, as many as 2,039 young athletes from all over Italy and also from abroad, in particular from France, Switzerland, Spain, and the farthest this year came from Hong Kong! There was also a record number of registered Ski Clubs, 115 in total, including 10 foreigners. The traditional Easter alpine skiing event took place in a completely wintry setting. Snowflakes kicked off the race and characterised the entire day, putting the competitors to the test as they gathered on the Alpette slopes with a lot of joy and a great desire to win. As always, the competitive level of the event was very high. As many as five giant slalom tracks, one for each category, were set up next to each other, and the competitors went down at the same time, all finding themselves together to share the excitement of the race in a huge finish parterre, happy in any case to have received the classic chocolate egg.

In fact, the 41st Lauretana Golden Egg is characterised not only by the great competition on the track, which offers a chance for the young athletes to compare themselves at international level, but is also intended to be a beautiful day of celebration and merriment.

At the end of the challenge on the snow, all the participants met up directly in Piazza Fraiteve for the prize-giving and drawing of the fantastic prizes. In addition to the classic cup and the beautiful prizes offered by the prestigious sponsors, the top 10 in each category won the Rossignol windstopper customised for the event. In addition, the first runner-up in each category received a Briko helmet as a prize.

This year the 41st Lauretana Golden Egg was won for the first time by the Golden Team Ceccarelli with a score of 357, thanks to the points obtained by adding up the best placement of a female and a male in each category (excluding Super Baby). Place of honour for Equipe Pragelato, which scored 265, followed by Equipe Beaulard with 238. In addition to the classic trophy, the first-placed Ski Club also celebrated its victory with a giant chocolate egg.

The winners of the 2024 edition, starting with the oldest, the Allievi category, were Giulio Paolo Cazzaniga of Sci Club Valchisone and Carlotta Pedrolini of Skiing ASD. Success in the Ragazzi category for Felix Baldi of Golden Team Ceccarelli and Benedetta Rosa Ranieri of Sci Club Limone. In the Cuccioli category the best were two Golden Team Ceccarelli athletes Carlo Bertazzini and Rebecca Lo Monaco. Among the Babies, Leonardo Tessore of Equipe Pragelato and Adelaide Senigagliesi of Sci Club Lancia took the top step of the podium. To conclude with the very smallest, the Super Babies, Riccardo Ponato of Mondolé Ski Team and Biancamaria Fogliato of Sci Club Claviere took the lead.

A special acknowledgement goes to all the event’s partners, whose presence contributed to the success of the event.

Skiing will continue on the Vialattea slopes, which are still covered with excellent snow, until Sunday 7 April.