Vialattea as we know it today was created in the 1980s and includes the Italian alp ski resorts of Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Oulx, San Sicario, Cesana and Pragelato, as well as the French alp ski resort of Montgenèvre.

With its highest point at 2,800 m, the Vialattea ski resort offers a total of 400 km of skiable trails and modern ski lift facilities. A dream come true for all snow lovers. 

Vialattea attracts over 10,000,000 visitors every season. One of the main reasons why skiers choose Vialattea is certainly its snowmaking system, one of  the most extensive in Europe, which guarantees optimal snow conditions throughout the season.  

All this makes Vialattea one of the best “ski in/ski out” resorts in Europe. It features 265 ski slopes catering to the needs of expert skiers and beginners alike. The difficulty levels range from the very steep runs of Banchetta to the gently winding slopes of San Sicario. With such an extensive offer, the ski resort is suitable for everyone, from young skiers looking for an adrenalin fix to families who enjoy spending time together on the snow. 

Children will have the greatest fun in total safety and will be able to unleash all their energy in the Baby Fun Parks at San Sicario and Sauze d’Oulx, both featuring exciting play structures. Taking the “first steps” with skis can be challenging, but it’s never too early or late to learn. 

More than 15 ski and snowboard schools, with over 800 instructors ready to teach all the skills that you need to really love sports and these unique wooded landscapes that provide the perfect setting for unforgettable days and skiing experience.