With a Vialattea Skicard you can buy your ski pass online: you will save money and get to the pistes right away!

Getting Your Vialattea Skicard is very easy: register  HERE and buy it for € 10 (from the following day) from any ticket office in the Italian ski resort.

The Vialattea Skicard is a personal, non-transferable membership card: in order to purchase it, you will be required to show an ID.

If you lose your Vialattea Skicard, you must immediately notify any of the ticket offices and they will reissue it for a charge of € 5.



Vialattea Skicard: no more queuing at the ticket office!

Top up your Vialattea Skicard online and you will get to the pistes right away!

Plus, if you ski from Monday to Friday*, you’ll pay € 37 instead of € 43 for a Vialattea day ski pass

*Excluding public holidays and the Christmas period from 24/12/2022 to 08/01/2023