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You can buy your ski pass online on the vialattea.it website, it’s easy and it will allow you to save time and money.

Alternatively, you can buy it from the ticket offices in the ski resort during opening hours or from the ticket machines available 24/7 (find out where they are on our map).

The opening hours of the ticket offices are published daily on the vialattea.it website.
The ticket machines, on the other hand, are available 24/7.

No, at the present time you are not required to book your ski pass. 

You can buy your ski pass online using the method: select the ski pass on the e-commerce website, buy it,

and you’ll receive an email with the QR code that will allow you to get your ski pass from the SKI BOXES,

the ticket machines or the ticket offices.

The Print&Ski boxes are devices equipped with a QR code scanner that can issue ski passes, and they are available 24/7. By scanning the QR code which you received by email after using the PRINT&SKI or GIFT&SKI online purchasing methods, the device will print out your ticket in a few seconds, allowing you to avoid ticket office queues.

Yes, ONLY skiers who have registered on the Vialattea Webshop can purchase the Vialattea Skicard from the ticket offices in the ski resort, doing so in person since their photo will be taken on site.

You can top up your Vialattea Skicard online on the vialattea.it website or at the ticket offices.

Yes, in order to buy a BABY ski pass you are always required to show an ID, so that we can check the age of the child for whom you’re buying it. On the other hand, there is no need to show an ID to buy a ski pass at the full rate.

No, you can’t! The ski pass is a strictly personal document that cannot be duplicated, exchanged, given to another person or altered. Should it be used in any way by any user other than the card holder, it will be immediately and permanently withdrawn, and the card holder, in addition to being liable – including under criminal law – for its improper use, will not be entitled to any refund or replacement.

People using the ski pistes are legally required to have an insurance policy that covers their Civil Liability for damage or injuries caused to third parties, including the Management Company.

The legally required insurance policy covering civil liability for damage or injuries that the skier may cause to third parties, including the management company, can be purchased from any insurance company.

The “VIALATTEA SCI NOPROBLEM” optional insurance policy includes two types of coverage which together constitute one indivisible insurance policy:

– The legally required coverage for Civil Liability for any damage or injuries that the skier may cause to third parties, including the management company;

– The optional coverage for medical treatment expenses and refund of ski equipment and ski passes in the event of an accident and for assistance and repatriation expenses.

You can view all the information on the opening hours of the ski lifts and pistes on the news page published daily on our website vialattea.it.

Pets are only allowed on the ski lifts if their size and type, as well as their carrying gear, allow their owners to travel safely with them. For their own personal safety and that of others, people travelling with pets must take the necessary care and precautions to supervise them at all times. Dogs taken on the ski lifts must be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle.

Pets are not allowed on any of the open ski lifts. Users are reminded that pets are not allowed on the ski slopes.

No, there will be no refund in the event of bad weather.

Yes, there are plenty of food and drink venues on the pistes. For more information you should contact the tourist office at your resort.

Yes, some of the facilities are also open during the summer. More information on the opening hours will be made available shortly before the beginning of the summer season.

The Vialattea ski resort boasts 400 km of ski pistes with different difficulty levels to meet the needs of all skiers, from the most experienced to those approaching the world of skiing for the first time. In the ski resort you can find green, blue, red and black pistes.

You can buy a return ticket (called Winter-trekking) only for the ski lifts approved for pedestrian transport. One-way tickets going up are only available to skiers, since walking on the pistes is strictly forbidden.

There are lots of sports shops right across the ski resort where you can rent skiing and snowboarding equipment. For more information you should contact the tourist office at the relevant resort.

No, there is no such option available. Buy online and you will get to the pistes with just one click, without having to stop at the ticket office first.

No, at the moment the ski facilities aren’t open at night.

The ski lift departure stations are within easy walking distance of the town centre. Shuttle services are managed entirely by local associations. Please get in touch with them for any information or queries.

There are many car parks by the ski lift departure stations in all the resorts. Some of them are free, while others apply a charge.

For the 2022-2023 season the ski lift facilities are scheduled to close on 10 April 2023.

In the event of an accident, you should urgently call our operations centre (available 24/7) at the following numbers: 0122799415/0122799414 (or +39 122799415/+ 39 122799414 from an international number). Alternatively, there are many rescue service stations across the Vialattea ski resort, feel free to visit them at any time.

Yes, the ski resort is absolutely family- and child-friendly. A visit to the Baby Fun Parks in San Sicario and Sauze d’Oulx, featuring inflatable play structures where children have great fun in total safety, is an absolute must.

The Vialattea ski resort features a total of 400 km of skiable pistes.

To get information on traffic and road conditions, visit the website WWW.SITAF.IT or call the toll free number 800.840.708