With its 18 PAR 65 holes and an elevation of 2035 meters, Sestrieres Golf Club is one of the most beautiful and highest mountain courses in Europe. With its intrinsic difficulties, the course proves suitable for all types of players, from professionals to beginners. It is set in a unique and beautiful natural setting of breath-taking landscapes and brilliant colours. The course extend where in winter the slopes of the Vialattea ski area wind through, and it is this metamorphosis that makes the Golf Club Sestrieres one-of-a-kind.


From the snow-white to the bright green. This is the metamorphosis takes place every spring in Sestriere since 1932, the year in which the Senator Giovanni Agnelli founded the ski resort. From skiing to golf, the step was short thanks to Edoardo Agnelli who saw the great summer potential of the resort and built the first 9 greens of the course in summer 1932, later doubled in the following seasons. The golf course was thus the first major attraction aimed at making the Sestriere ski resort known also during the summer period.

From its first years, the Golf Sestrieres hosted countless national and international competitions and was the first course where the International Omnium Italian Championship was held in 1936 (remaining the only case of an Italian Open played on a high-altitude circuit).


Sestrieres Golf Secretariat

Piazza Agnelli, 4 -10058 Sestriere

TEL: 0122799411 / 0122799435

E-MAIL: golf.sestrieres@vialattea.it