The mountain environment never stays the same. It changes every day, offering a unique and unrepeatable experience, new colours, beautiful sunsets and amazing adventures.

This ever-changing beauty is the very essence of the new brand identity of Vialattea. 



The historic logo is replaced by a timeless icon where the letters V and L combine to create a single shape that traces the silhouettes of two mountains. The shade is a colour gradient. Transitioning from magenta to cyan, bringing to mind the absence of boundaries, space and the galaxy overhead. Fresh, modern and really one-of-a-kind in the ski market, the new logo stands for innovation and a contemporary approach. 

“Your Mountain Experience”: the payoff is designed to highlight the complete experience that we provide every day of the year and the countless possibilities that Vialattea offers to users of all ages and to any target audience. There really are no boundaries, since our ski resort caters to everyone’s needs and passions all year round.  

Because the colours and the settings change from winter to summer, and the thrills to be experienced change with them. When the snow melts away, the same slopes that provide adrenalin-filled downhill skiing or snowboarding experiences become a haven for mountain bikers; and the trails that lay hidden during the coldest months of the year emerge in all their glorious beauty.