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18 January 2024

Whether you’re looking for the best vacation rental to plan your ski trip to the slopes of the Vialattea or you want to rent your second home that you hardly use, Happy.Rentals management and rental services make it easy and carefree. Happy.Rentals is an international company based in Switzerland that provides professional vacation home rental and property management services in 11 European countries. It is an established business that has been in the industry for years and has been present and well established in the Vialattea area since 2022. This year Happy.Rentals decided to embrace Vialattea’s new partnership strategy, relying for its on-site promotion on the strength of the international ski area of the Olympic mountains and its media, which are a valued vehicle for increasing, in this specific case, awareness of the services offered by Happy.Rentals among visitors to Vialattea.

“The collaboration with Happy.Rentals, – said Luisella Bourlot, General Manager of Sestrieres SpA, proved from the outset to be an important opportunity for our ski area. A professional and dynamic partner that has brought an international clientele to Vialattea and has increased the market of rotating beds thanks to the management of those second homes, often closed, and now marketed with short-term rentals.”

“The partnership with Sestrieres SpA reveals a strategic opportunity for Happy.Rentals, – commented Harold Lubberdink, CEO and Founder of Happy.RentalsThrough its prestigious ski area, Sestriere SpA facilitates our connection with international tourists, generating direct bookings and offering a solid network to engage new vacation rental owners. This partnership allows us to expand our market presence by offering more beds to visitors to the Vialattea and “warming the cold beds” of those owners who make little use of their properties in the area by making the most of local know-how and maintaining dynamic growth.”

Looking for a vacation rental in Sestriere or one of the other Vialattea resorts? Find the perfect accommodation on Happy.Rentals.

Do you have a second home in Vialattea and want to turn it into a source of income? Entrust it to the vacation rental specialists. The rental of your apartment and the management of guests and your property is taken care of by Happy.Rentals, which is present in the area with several offices.