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Information and advantages of purchasing the ski pass online

21 February 2023

Purchasing the ski pass online is easy and convenient. The online ski pass allows you to save money and time, avoiding queues at ticket offices.

Below is more information on how to purchase the ski pass online in Vialattea, one of the most important international ski resorts in Italy and Europe.


Purchasing the Vialattea ski pass online

Purchasing the ​Vialattea​​ ski pass ​​online ​is easy and allows you to access daily offers. You can take a look at all the advantages and different types of ski passes by checking out the page dedicated to all the offers of the​ Vialattea​ daily ski pass.

Skiing in the Vialattea area is a unique experience, to be shared with friends and family, whether you love skiing or snowboarding, whether you are a professional or a beginner, seeing as Vialattea offers tracks of various difficulties, snow parks, and attractions for children.


Everything you need to know on how to purchase the Vialattea ski pass online

You will be able to choose one of two options while purchasing online:



Recharge your Vialattea Skicard online and head straight to the ski lifts (reserved for Vialattea Skicard owners). Discover all the advantages of your Vialattea Skicard:

  • Simple ticket purchase: the Vialattea Skicard is a personal and rechargeable card. You can upload the ski pass to your card from the comfort of your home.
  • Reduced prices: from Monday to Friday (national holidays and Christmas period not included) the price of the Daily Vialattea is €37 instead of €43.
  • Direct access to the ski lifts: no waiting time. If you recharge your Vialattea Skicard online you can head straight to the ski lifts, skipping the queue at the ticket office.
  • Green solution: to promote environmental sustainability. This card is reusable.

You do not own a Vialattea Skicard? Find out how to get one.

Getting your Vialattea Skicard is quick and easy: visit the Skicard section of our website and register online. The day after registering you can purchase the card in all ticket offices in the Italian area at the price of €10.




You do not own a Vialattea Skicard but you want the ease and convenience of purchasing it online? Choose PRINT&SKI.

When you purchase your ski pass, you will be sent the voucher via email with a QR code allowing you to collect your ski pass in a few seconds at any PICK-UP BOX in all ticket offices in the area.