Ski slopes in Claviere

17 February 2023

Among the many stars of the Vialattea we find the resort of Claviere, a typical Alpine village located in the upper Susa Valley, where the Italian and French sides of the Vialattea meet. At an altitude of 1,760 meters, the small village full of typical mountain charm offers wonderful landscapes and slopes immersed in the woods. An ideal place for nature lovers, Claviere offers an enchanting panorama at the feet of the majestic Monte Chaberton, which, at 3131 meters, dominates the valley.


Claviere, the charm of internationality: discover the resort and the slopes best suited to you

Claviere is one of the most popular tourist and ski resorts in the international Vialattea ski area: in fact, it is the last ski resort on Italian territory before crossing the border into France. Claviere’s ski slopes wind almost exclusively in the woods and are connected on the Italian side with Cesana Torinese and on the French side with Monginevro (FR). Nestled among towering mountains, Claviere offers skiers itineraries of all types, lengths and elevation gains. The slopes at the bottom of the valley are suitable for beginner skiers, who are approaching the world of skiing for the first time, while the slopes at high altitude, mostly red or black, fully meet the needs of thrill-seekers: bumps, steep slopes and breathtaking scenery… fun guaranteed!

Only 98 km from Turin, 140 km from Grenoble and 12 km from Briançon Claviere is the crossroads between the major Italian-French ski resorts, a true paradise for skiers and tourists of all kinds, attracted by the exceptionally powdery snow and views of rare beauty.


How many ski lifts are there in Claviere?

There are 8 lifts in Claviere, serving a skiable area in which Vialattea offers:

  • 2 black runs
  • 12 blue runs
  • 26 red runs

Claviere’s lifts are connected to the other resorts of Vialattea for a total number of 70 lifts and 247 slopes, all set in a beautiful, striking and authentic alpine landscape with an altitude of up to 2,800 meters.


Ski slopes in Claviere not to be missed

  1. Slope 100 Colletto Verde

The analysis of the most fun and interesting slopes in the Alps includes the 100 slope in Claviere, made unique by stupendous views and international appeal. Runway 100, better known as the Colletto Verde run, is an initially black, then red and finally blue run that starts from Montgenèvre, right on the border between Italy and France, and takes its name from the mountain of the same name, the Colletto Verde, from whose summit at 2560 meters above sea level the runway descends toward Claviere, allowing the return to the Monti della Luna and offering a splendid panorama of the area. The most challenging section is the initial one, which is very steep (maximum gradient of 81%) but can be circumvented with a less technical variant. From the Colletto Verde there are excellent views of both the Vialattea area (visible on clear days as far as Sestriere) and the French Montgenevre area.


  1. Slope 93

Scenic trail that descends from Colle Bercia to La Coche. The trail is never too difficult, is wide and boasts artificial snowmaking. It is a slope particularly suitable for all types of skiers, providing fun and enjoyment for both beginners and more experienced skiers as it has numerous but fun changes of gradient. For less experienced skiers, it is possible to avoid the steep wall of Lago Rascià by taking the 93 bis variant that descends softly to the valley.


  1. Slope 90

Red, very scenic slope that starts from Colle Bercia, a peak that offers a wonderful view: you can sweep your gaze 360 degrees and savor the beauty of the Vialattea ski area and the enchanting surrounding mountains. Slope 93 descends softly and sinuously to the Rafuyel resort, at the arrival of the chairlift departing from Cesana. When analyzed in its entirety, slope 90 represents one of the longest runs in the Vialattea with a total elevation jump of 400 meters. Past the first section, at the junction with the central 22 Debe and 23, runway 90 turns blue and winds, entering the woods, with wide bends and a regular and very gentle slope down to the valley, tracing the summer dirt road that leads to the village of Sagnalonga.


  1. Slope 99

Red runway, of medium difficulty and relatively short, but of great strategic importance as it represents the connecting track between Claviere, the last Italian resort of Vialattea, with the French Montgenèvre. In fact, the slope starts from the release of the Col Boeuf chairlift and leads to the departure of the French Montquitaine and Tremplin lifts.


  1. Slope 91

Even the beginner skier will be comfortable at Claviere. Slope 91 is a blue one, served by the La Coche chairlift, the first lift one encounters when arriving at the ski resort. It is an easy slope that starts from the charming natural amphitheater of La Coche resort and runs through eventful passages in the surrounding forest. It has several changes of gradient suitable for beginners and also appreciated by better skiers who are pleased to indulge in a descent down a more relaxing slope.


Skipass: which one to take and where?

In Claviere you can go for different types of ski passes: from the Vialattea, to the Montiluna, to the Montiluna-Monginevro one.

The Vialattea daily ski pass covers the resorts of Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Sansicario, Cesana, Claviere and Pragelato, while the Montiluna ski pass covers only the areas of Cesana and Claviere. Finally, we have the Montiluna – Montgenevre ski pass, which allows access to all Claviere ski lifts, and also reaches the resort of Montgenevre, France.

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